Ruby Bell Chicago Escort and Dominatrix


Only you know the ways in which you are best suited to serve Me.
Only you know where your talents lie.
Only you know which of your skills are best suited for My development.

My interests and desires are vast and various, and my servants are equally diverse. As a practitioner of BDSM both personally and professionally for many years, I have experience with many different techniques and styles, and as a Gemini sun, I am no stranger to duality, feeling as comfortable with play that is more sensual and soft, as I do with intensely sadistic scenes. Whether you are new to submission or whether you have devoted yourself to other Goddesses or served other Mistresses, I can find a place for you among my followers.

My approach to BDSM is inherently joyful, and grounded in the understanding that it can be a path to the sublime. Kink and fetish, the world of the bizarre, can bring joy, release, and even healing. In the term "power exchange," I strongly believe that the emphasis must be on the exchange, not simply the power. When you come to me in submission and give me your self, I also take on a responsibility for your care, safety, and ideally your ascension, even temporarily, towards a higher state of being. This is a charge I do not take lightly, and no matter your inclinations, my goal is always to provide a transcendental experience of absolute delight.

My style of dominance is, above all, joyful.
Whether you have come to Me for brutal sadism, or are inclined towards a softer discipline,
My priority is for us both to experience ABSOLUTE DELIGHT.

I am not a grim-faced, dour Mistress, meting out punishment without emotion. Even when I am cruel, my brutality is coupled with my playful and inventive nature. As an artist in more than just the erotic spheres, I apply my creativity to both our time together and your body itself, treating you as my canvas and making something truly magical.

I enjoy so many different forms of play that providing a list of them all would require me to make a complete, indexed wiki. Ultimately, the thing that gives me the most pleasure is to push you to your limits, whether those limits be of pleasure, pain, or some extraordinary mixture of both, because what I enjoy most is seeing, hearing, and feeling, your responses.

My interests and desires are vast and various
no matter your inclination
I can find a place for you among My worshippers

Below you can delve deeper into the spiral and explore some of the more generalized forms of worship that I welcome. This list is by no means complete or exhaustive, it simply offers more details on my approach to some of the more common forms of worship.

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