Ruby Bell Chicago Dominatrix Sissy Training


For as long as you can remember
there has been something within you that craves the things
you were told made you weak, made you less than.

For as long as you can remember, you have known you were not the same as other boys, there was within you a spark of something more. You have known that you carried a small piece of the divine. I can teach you to develop the impulses you have been shamed for,

The Feminine and the Divine are one and the same.
I offer a glimpse of holiness, a development of of your sacred self.

I do not offer gendered humiliation, because I do not believe that your impulses towards femininity are something to be ashamed of. I may humiliate you for the ways in which you fall short of the holy femininity you pursue, I may humiliate you for your compulsive conformity to man-made feminine stereotypes, and I may humiliate you for any number of other things, but I will never humiliate you for your desire to achieve the sublime.

What I do offer is a path to the divine. As your Goddess, I will steer your sacred impulses and teach you to embody your most sacred self, whether that be as a holy whore, a sacred slut, or any of the other infinite variations the divine feminine can be found in.

The feminization I offer is an exploration of gender,
a celebration of the Divine.
It is not a shameful thing.

If you seek something beyond the usual humiliating feminization, if you seek guidance in your exploration of the divine, I can offer that to you. Let me lead you with a firm and practiced hand into something greater. If this is what you seek, you are ready to go deeper.

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