Ruby Bell Chicago Escort and Dominatrix


Through pain,
you can achieve transcendence.
Through endurance, you can achieve bliss.

You have come to me seeking transcendence, rapture. I can give you these things, but you must first earn them by proving your endurance. How will you demonstrate your dedication? Will you bend to me, ready for the smack of my hand, the heavy impact of my paddle, the sting of my cane? Or are you prepared to submit to other, more intense tortures? Are you prepared to submit to more intense acts of sadism: nipple torture, play piercings, or brutal cock and ball torture?

The versatility of intense sensation play, from corporal punishment to other forms of torture, makes it one of my most beloved kinks. On its own, your pain can bring transcendence by transporting you to a higher plane, and mixed with roleplay it can create new worlds.

Who will I be to you?

Will I be your strict teacher, or perhaps a cruel nun? Maybe I am your boss, disappointed for the last time, and ready to try a new form of discipline, or perhaps you are the boss, attempting to abuse your power over the wrong employee in a role reversal scenario that manifests a better world.

But perhaps
you prefer reality.

Perhaps you prefer to approach me as the Goddess that I am, the physical embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Perhaps you seek the cleansing sting of a paddle, crop, or cane. Perhaps you seek the sharp prick of a needle, plunged into your flesh. Whatever form your devotion takes, I will accept your worship

How will you serve Me?
How will you worship?

Look within yourself and find where your desires lead. Discover what form your devotion should take, and descend. Are you ready to experience Divinity?

©2021 Ruby Bell