Ruby Bell Chicago Escort and Dominatrix


you've come here looking for something unusual, something forbidden.
you've come here hoping I can satisfy the primal thing
within you which craves COMPLETE SUBMISSION.

You've come to the right place. Whether you're an experienced kinkster, or whether you're new to the world of fetish, I know how to scratch that itch deep down inside you, the impulse to give up control and surrender completely.

Deep down, you've always known your place,
that you belong at the feet of a powerful Goddess, serving Her

Everyone has different gifts, and servitude can take many forms. Devotion is a deeply intimate and personal undertaking, something that must be welcomed by the worshipper, not simply assigned to them. your devotion is not enough, before you approach, you must ask yourself what you can offer me, what gifts of submission will most impress me.

I have use for many different kinds of worshippers. Are you able to offer your body up for my amusement by allowing me to test your ability to withstand the impact of my paddle, or by giving me the opportunity to dream up some other torture? Are you prepared to present yourself for my amusement and submit to my cruel and total humiliation? Or is your wanton nature best directed towards something softer, perhaps? Are you inclined towards tests of will, and ready to give yourself over to prolonged tease and denial for my entertainment? Are you a sissy slut in search of the Divine Feminine, prepared to give yourself over to me to be dressed up, trained as a holy whore, and turned out? Do you come to me seeking penance for the sin of hoarding wealth? Are you prepared to give me everything, to be bled dry, and reduced from your former circumstances? However it is you are able to serve, I have a place for you among my devotees.

Look within yourself and ask what you have to offer me. If you have served a Mistress before me, what have you learned from her training? If you are new to submission, what abilities do you have that can be developed under my careful guidance? When you are prepared to ask yourself these questions, you are ready to go deeper.

©2021 Ruby Bell