Ruby Bell Chicago escort and dominatrix
your first impression begins with your first message.
it is your responsibility to impress Me.
Show Me you are worthy of My attention.

When you first contact me, it is your responsibility to show me that you are worthy of my attention. There are many ways you can impress me, but the most important things are to be clear about the ways in which you are best suited to serve me and to include your proper screening information in your first contact.

Not all impressions are good:
there are as many ways to disgust Me as there are
to excite Me.

The most reliable way to ensure that I will not dignify your first contact with a response is to be unclear about how you can serve me. If you choose to approach me by telling me I can do "whatever I want" to you, or something similar, I will naturally assume that you have no idea where your talents lie, have not done the introspection necessary to properly devote yourself to me, and are not serious about your desire to become one of my disciples.

My desires are vast and various, they are nearly as infinite as the universe itself, but when you commit yourself to fulfilling those desires I expect your service to be dedicated and deeply fervent. This cannot be accomplished if I choose at random how you are to worship me, the devotion and commitment to service that I expect can only be manifested when you look within yourself and determine the spheres to which you are best suited to apply yourself.

If you have taken the time to truly examine where your talents lie and are still unsure how you are best suited to serve, you may find a consultation to be helpful. I offer video consultations to those who seek illumination, which provide a relaxed space, free of judgement, to discuss your inclinations and establish whether they are compatible with my own.

The ways is which you are NOT  able to serve Me
hold the same importance as
the talents you can bring to your service.

No matter how limitless your devotion to me, it is only natural that your abilities to serve are finite. Destroying my disciples is of no interest to me, so it is of utmost importance that you make me aware of your limits. Some boundaries are made to be pushed or even broken, but that should only be done when you have made a full and voluntary surrender, and can only be done safely if I also understand which of your limits are concrete and unchangeable. Veneration from a broken servant is of no use to me, so it is imperative that you be clear about not only your abilities, but also your limits, ideally in your first contact.

Once you have read and understood these simple guidelines
you will be ready to contact Me with your request to serve
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